Service Philosophy

To meet the challenges that we face in providing exemplary services we dedicate ourselves to four basic principles that define our company.
Principle 1:

people focused in a people-intensive business

It takes many people to make a club and community successful. EWPCM recognizes the value of people in all we do. We also know that:

We ultimately serve our clients as they are the ones who pay our wages;

We serve our clients better when we serve the needs of our club members and community residents, for their satisfaction drives the ultimate success of our clubs and communities

Finally, we serve our employees because we know that the service they provide our members and residents is directly dependent upon the leadership, training, and support we provide them.
Principle 2:

detail focused in a detail-intensive business

Daily operations are immersed in a sea of detail. Everything from opening an amenity to ongoing operations involves scores, if not hundreds, of details. Untended or overlooked details cause service breakdowns.

EWPCM places great emphasis on attention to detail throughout all aspects of our organization and operations. Our standards, policies, and procedures are well defined, our training is intensive and ongoing, and our focus on detail is absolute.
Principle 3:

programming focused in a lifestyle business

Clubs are no longer just golf, tennis, dining, and a pool. Communities are no longer just streets and houses. Busy families want more time together, and they embrace family-friendly activities. EWPCM, a pioneer in family activities programming, has the knowledge and experience to take any club or community to the "next level." Make no mistake about it, lifestyle programming is a critical element and is a significant contributor to the success of any club or community.
Principle 4:

bottom-line focused in a capital-intensive business

Financial risk is a given in clubs and communities. Infrastructure and amenities require significant up front capital investment. Our goal at EWPCM is to be your junior partner, whether in a new development or established community...allowing you to focus on what is important to you while we operate the amenities professionally, efficiently, and with as high a level of service as budgets allow. We have no other agenda than to support your investment, successfully serve your constituents, and provide relief from daily operation details.

The combination of high levels of service, efficient operations, innovative and proven programming, and closely monitored operating performance all contribute to a successful operation and, ultimately, to a successful club or community. We fully commit ourselves to you and your success. Our track record demonstrates that our focus and follow through in all areas of operations clearly sets us apart from the crowd.