Our Company

East West Partners Club Management (EWPCM) is a division of East West Partners, a national real estate development and management company with major operations in North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, Florida and California. Since 1973, East West Partners has developed and managed master planned communities, golf courses and other recreational facilities throughout the United States. East West Partners is nationally recognized as the pioneer in the development of communities emphasizing lifestyle and year-round resort living facilities.

Our Approach

Our goal is not to be the biggest management or consulting company, but rather we focus on establishing positive working relationships with each of our clients and working together toward common goals.
We believe in environmental stewardship and explore green alternatives in every project to not only save money but to save the Earth's natural resources.
EWPCM looks to partner with other parties for management, consulting and lodging services including site selection, development, construction, and overall management.
EWPCM is committed to creating a club or association known for its commitment to service and quality.


East West Partners has an unwavering commitment to protection of the environment through practicing ecologically and environmentally sound management and development practices. Our partners and clients have included large national developers, insurance companies, universities, and utility companies. After many years of designing, building and managing golf courses, country clubs and other community facilities, the club management division was founded in 1993 to provide management services to developers and club owners on a third party basis.

Our Values

Honesty & Integrity
We conduct ourselves and all of our business dealings in a fair and ethical way. EWPCM follows through; we do what we say we are going to do.
We focus on consistently achieving our aggressive performance goals in service, financial results, and market penetration. EWPCM holds itself to a higher standard.
We pursue our objectives with sincere enthusiasm, persistence, and focused intensity. EWPCM makes things happen.
We embrace innovation and encourage original ideas, attitudes, and processes. EWPCM challenges the status quo and operates outside of the box.
We are committed to continuous improvement through developing staff, enhancing resources, and executing strategically. At EWPCM, we learn from others, as they learn from us.
We trust, support, and communicate with one another, bringing together the best in all of us.
We demonstrate respect by showing consideration and empathy for each individual and honoring a diversity of perspectives. EWPCM strives to be of service in all that we do.
We provide strong, proactive leaders with vision and an absolute commitment to quality and service.

Full Service

As a full-service hospitality management company, East West Partners Club Management offers recreational programming and consulting services to club owners in the creative design of family activities and special events. In addition, the Lodging Division focuses on the development and/or management of lodging properties and home-owner rental programs in resort settings.

Over the years, EWPCM has managed, owned and been affiliated with projects that have received numerous awards, hosted a multitude of events, and taken an active role in their communities. Our facilities have been recognized for everything from environmental stewardship, design and construction, to planning and marketing awards. They have served as host for numerous LPGA and PGA tournaments as well as various collegiate championships and many local events. Our facilities consistently give back to their communities through projects, sponsorships, and fundraisers.